Apply now for a 1-10 Month Residential program in Madrid Spain.

The players have a chance of a lifetime: to be able to live their dreams, living the life of a professional European footballer, living football everyday at the highest level possible


Players train 6 days per week with morning sessions on most days. Official friendly games are played every Wednesday or Thursday.

Sunday is a rest day for players and on they are given the opportunity to watch other teams play or participate on excursions in the region


  • Create a pathway for players to achieve their dreams of playing football at a professional level
  • Assist participants to develop and rapidly, to adjust and acclimatise to the Spanish football culture by providing a stepping stone in Europe with a large network to professional clubs
  • Support players through the transition from moving out of home to living independently whilst at the same time build their football network


Some players chose to attend the program during their summer breaks and stay a minimum of one month, however most players seeking a career pathway choose to stay a minimum of three months with some players staying an entire season allowing them to fully prepare for the transition into a club after trials.

Trials are offered to a player when a club scout or our staff recommends the player for trials.  Some players require more time to develop and stays in the Residential Program will vary from player to player. For shorter than one month stays we recommend players attend one of our many tours.

Fees reflect the length of commitment. A player committing to a minimum of three or more months pays less than a player attending for one month. Fees are per calendar month and players will be required to arrive/depart on 1st or 15th of month.  Players arriving outside these days will be required to make their own way to the training facility or pay an additional fee for pickup or drop off.

If players perform well and are scouted they could end up at a trial at one of the following academy clubs below. To apply and for more information please contact